Eureka!: Understanding and Using the Power of Your Intuition

Eureka!: Understanding and Using the Power of Your Intuition
Publisher : Morgan James Pub
Intuition...your most powerful asset. It is as old as mankind, as modern as today's headlines and as natural as breathing. Everything you need to know about intuition, but didn't know to ask, is in your hands. Dr. Anne Salisbury's extensive research and experience deliver the answers to your questions: What is intuition? Do you have it? How can you use it in decisionmaking? How can you access it on purpose? Should you trust it? What are gut feelings?, andmuch, much more. With intuition, your life has joy and meaning. Without it, you are living only half a life.The choice is up to you.

Praise and Reviews
"I highly recommend Eureka! for all who wish to enhance their intuition." -- C. Norman Shealy, M.D., PH.D. "founding President, American Holistic Medical Association"

Anne Salisbury
Anne Salisbury, PhD, MA, MBA, has been involved in meditation, dreamwork, hypnotherapy and intuitive skills development since the 1970s. She holds advanced degrees in psychology, t More...