Soft-Tissue Manipulation: A Practitioner's Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Soft-Tissue Dysfunction and Reflex Activity
Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Dr. Chaitow provides practitioners and students with a working knowledge of the diagnostic and therapeutic use of neuro-muscular, muscle energy and strain-counterstrain techniques, and covers a number of additional individual techniques and systems involving reflex points and trigger points.

Praise and Reviews
"A completely up-to-date and indispensable textbook for students and therapists of all schools."
American Journal of Acupuncture

"Chaitow is a visionary in bringing together different alternative and complementary health systems and points of view into a form that offers new therapeutic possibilities."
Robert King, American Massage Therapy Association

Leon Chaitow
Leon Chaitow is a practicing osteopath, naturopath, and acupuncturist who has served as director of postgraduate studies at the British Naturopathic and Osteopathic College and as  More...
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