Shambhala: In Search of the New Era
Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Nicholas Roerich- prolific artist and writer, reowned philosopher, educator, and explorer- relates the remarkable encounters and events of his travels through central Asia and Tibet at the turn of the century. Through his detailed diary notes and the chronicling of legends and parables, he reveals the many facets of the tale of Shambhala, the long-awaited realization of paradise on earth.

Praise and Reviews
"I recommend this Nicholas Roerich collection as essential for any metaphysical library. The scope is breathtaking, it is deep, but at the same time wide ranging. It is a true exemplar of the 'Perrenial Philosophy' that is essential to all higher learning."
Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn, Sept-Oct 2005

Nicholas Roerich
Nicholas Roerich is a prolific artist and writer, renowned philosopher, educator, and explorer.
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