Pyramid Power
Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

The topic of controversy in Time Magazine, Esquire, and numerous other publications across the country, Pyramid Power has captured the imagination of millions all over the world who have used these mysterious energies in research and to create a better life style.

Pyramid Power, the secret energy harnessed by the ancients, preserves food stuffs, amplifies thought forms, and increases sexual vitality. Here is the latest fabulous and provocative information on pyramids around the world, instructions on building your own pyramid, and suggested experiments.

The #1 bestseller on pyramid energies offers fascinating information on pyramids around the world, and how you can make pyramid power work for you.

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Praise and Reviews
"...each basic geometric shape has therapeutic powers, with the pyramid topping the list...Myriad curative powers have been ascribed to pyramids. They...emit psychic energy that caused all sorts of miracles!"


"...a good environment for transcendental meditation, biofeedback and yoga, in that it surrounds its inhabitants with energy."

Time Magazine

"I found this to be a fun book on the whole--I did gloss over the technical explanations (I am not a number person!)--but recommend it for those with interests in pyramids and their energies."
Reality Undefined, July 2008

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Max Toth
Max Toth is one of the world's foremost researchers on pyramids and their energies. He is the author of Pyramid Prophecies. His #1 bestseller, Pyramid Power, co-authored with Greg  More...
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