The Path of the Mystic Lover: Baul Songs of Passion and Ecstasy
Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Carrying on the living tradition of mystic minstrels, the Bauls roam the countryside of eastern India enacting the spiritual love dalliance of Radha and Krishna through songs and dances. The Path of the Mystic Lover explores the Bauls' lifestyle and philosophy, describing their sexual and ritual practices as well as their sacred teachings.

Praise and Reviews
". . . an intimate and poetic look into the lives of a people whose living expression is communion with the Divine. A must-read for Tantric initiates of all levels."

Tantra Magazine

Bhaskar Bhattacharyya
A journalist and filmmaker, Bhaskar Bhattacharyya was born in the Himalayas of Bengali parents, brought up in East Africa, and educated in England. He then returned to India and co More...