A Tale Of Dreams: Was It A Dream or Was It Real?

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Annette Spenner
Annette Spenner is a long time lover of books. She credits her Grandfather for teaching her the importance of reading at an early age. "He would sit me on his knee at the age of four and give me a penny for every word I could read" Annette has fond memories of her Grandfathers va More...



Cameron loved his Mothers stories about Dreamland. It seemed to Cameron that she had been there before. Her stories were realistic compared to other stories he had heard. Sometimes she teared up when she spoke of Queen Kaylyn. It was the night of Cameron's tenth birthday, and Mother knew that this was the night that Cameron would travel to a fantasy world. It was the night that he would learn his future in a world that desperately needed a hero. Cameron would journey to worlds unknown and meet the strangest characters this very night. When Cameron wakes in his bed in his South Carolina home, things get crazy for Cameron as he tries to figure out if it was all just a dream or if it could have been real. Cameron caused serious trouble at school and was sent to a camp for boys in Florida, and that's when everything goes horribly wrong. This is a great book with an important moral for children to learn the value of taking care of nature. Readers will follow Cameron as he learns to fight against the terrible trolls that seek to destroy Dreamland with their smelly factories that pollute the air and threaten the eco-system of Earth and fantasy worlds.