The Dressing Room

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Grahame Peace



The Dressing Room is a celebration of fashion and takes you into a world of luxury labels, cosmetics and haute couture.
Chris is gay, but he doesn’t know it; while growing up in the North of England in the 1960’s he felt like an outsider, not helped by his height; at the age of 15 he was 6’ foot 4”. He just doesn’t fit in with his peers, and as much as he wants to be like them, he knows that he isn’t and never will be.
After a difficult childhood, Chris feels alone, lost and friendless. He’s filled with self-doubt and self-loathing and has no direction. His only escape is his passion for the glamorous world of fashion, particularly haute couture, which he studies daily in the glossy fashion magazines while working at W H Smiths.
However, this is the 1970’s, and as much as he wants to make fashion his career, in the macho culture of the North of England, young working-class men do not do ‘fashion’.
To supplement his income, Chris takes a part-time job at a hotel, where he meets the self-assured John Moore; a talented, good-looking chef who slowly opens up a new and unknown world, taking Chris on a personal journey of self-discovery.
During this journey, fuelled by memories of his unhappy childhood experiences, Chris wants to help others and moves into the psychiatric nursing profession, which gives him a sharp wakeup call and reality check.
As the 1980’s fast approach Chris’ passion for fashion remains unabated. The ‘New Romantic’ fashion and music scene is developing, and Chris is in his element. Could this finally be the opportunity he’s been looking for and a doorway into the luxurious world he’s been dreaming about?
Has he the courage to follow a dream and re-write his future? Or does fate have other things in store for him?