Pennies to Power: How to Use Your 20's to Gain Financial Independence for Life

Pennies to Power: How to Use Your 20's to Gain Financial Independence for Life

ABOUT Tom Graneau

Tom Graneau
TOM GRANEAU was born in Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean with a population of roughly 70,000 people. While growing up, he had little or no time for school, partly because of family complications. From twelve years old, he had to provide for siblings and his chronically ill mother. More...



Why do most workers end up with pennies later in life after earning millions of dollars throughout their lifetime? What prevents most people from escaping the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck and the overwhelming realization of getting nowhere financially? What are the underlining causes that keep people living on credit, even when doing so results in financial ruin?

In this transformative book, author and financial management coach Tom Graneau points out that despite the college degree and perfect career, most workers stay broke. The big houses, expensive cars, and other lavish props are merely concealing the truth that even those who make six-figure incomes are feeling the financial squeeze and facing eventual poverty.

Written for young adults, especially those who are thinking about marriage, having children, and financial success, this provocative book reveals:

  • Practical solutions to overcome seven (7) cultural barriers that keep most people from achieving financial success
  • Actionable steps to avoid cultural habits that lead to financial decline
  • A low-cost approach around the #1 practice that lead to financial failure
  • Easy-to-use financial techniques to beat the economic game and win
  • The best cash flow strategy to get ahead financially on a small income

Packed with solutions to either fix or prevent financial chaos, Pennies to Power is the true definition of empowerment--a way of escaping the tense and exhaustive lifestyle that has become too common.