His Eternity (The Ghegion Tribes Book 1)

His Eternity (The Ghegion Tribes Book 1)

ABOUT Maya Carnage

Maya Carnage



Fiona's has had a tough life. She's experienced more rough patches than good, but none of that has ever got her down. She kept going, choosing to see the positive in life. Since she was young, she dreamed of being saved by a prince charming. However, she never thought that he would rescue her from an alien planet auction house.
Fiona and ten other women were abducted by little orange men who dropped them off on a foreign planet; to be sold to the highest bidder. It was not fun staying in cramped spaces while they awaited their fates, but then one of the other women overhears that space pirates are going to steal them.
They don't know whether to be afraid or relieved of their change in fate.
The Pirates might be their only chance to get away from the auction, but are they better than the monstrous aliens that were going to buy them?
Fiona is about to find out because the handsome pirate captain, Graviel, claims she is his mate.