Chinese Pearl

Romance, General Fiction

By Patrick Aaron

Publisher : Amazon Create Space

ABOUT Patrick Aaron

Patrick Aaron
Patrick Aaron has always had an interest in history and other topics of interest such as the paranormal and the dynamics of human relationships. He now resides in the Puget Sound area of Washington State retired after a career in the IT industry.  Hiking and enjoying the natural splendor More...



Author Patrick Aaron dips into his knowledge of early 1900s Nanking, China, to give readers Chinese Pearl, a well-crafted romantic adventure novel.

Midwife Xiulan isn't expecting her dream of raising her own child to come true when she's summoned to help a mother give birth to a baby boy. When the boy's birth is followed by an albino girl with white hair, the grandmother urges Xiulan to dispose of her into the sea. Xiulan refuses, instead saying she'll take the child and raise her.

The young Zhu's looks aren't the only thing unique about her. Her psychic ability draws customers to the family's apothecary as mentor Mrs. Mah and her grandson Li help Zhu control and use her powers. But those powers draw the wrong attention when Nazi SS Captain Eckhart decides the young Zhu would be the perfect gift for his boss, Heinrich Himmler.

It will be up to Kaminski brothers John and Ron, both China National Aviation Corporation pilots, to save their friends as the Japanese capture the city of Nanking. Not everything goes to plan, however, as they attempt to escape the nightmare that Nanking has become.

Chinese Pearl is my first novel.

One of the reviews of Chinese Pearl on Amazon

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Chinese Pearl' by Patrick Aaron, and I believe that you will too. The book is very well written and kudos to the author, Patrick Aaron, for keeping my interest from the first page to the last. There is something for everyone in this book...history, romance, humor, mystery and intrigue. I found myself going back and forth with the reading experience, between not wanting to put the book down and wanting to slow my reading because it was so enjoyable. There are two story lines that merge into one. Savor each as you read. Both are equally compelling. This is a 'feel good' book, with a few lessons. Some subtle, and some not so. One theme resonated with me. Unconditional Love. I am reading 'Chinese Pearl' again.