The Empress Reigns

The Empress Reigns

ABOUT Kamilah Ali

Kamilah Ali



Chicago native and full-time finesse artist Yazmeen Shabazz is willing to do any and everything to stack her dough and spend her man's. Caught between lies and deception, embezzlement and bank fraud, Yaz figures out the art of the hustle by laying down the pink print of power play moves to build an empire.

Tiffani is that pretty, smart, city girl that has extra curves that accentuates her figure. Tiffani battles the loss and loneliness due to the lack of family by focusing on securing the bag. A real estate mogul in the making, she's participated in some underhanded activities to win but who hasn't? Will her success create enemies who were once friends?

Omar, a reformed D-boy turned Black entrepreneur can't quite shake his former past due to longtime enemies known and unknown. After trying his hand in the legit world of business ownership he quickly adapts to his newfound fame. Missing a key element from his high school sweetheart and the mother of his two boys, Omar finds the missing link with Yazmeen. Or is it just game?