Without a Kiss


By Phoebe Nilsen

Publisher : Finishing Line Press

Without a Kiss

ABOUT Phoebe Nilsen

Phoebe Nilsen


POETRY CHAPBOOK.  Very loosely, the poems tell the story of two teenagers who travel together in Italy for a week. They discover decades later that they loved each other then but were not able to express it, and it is too late to do so. It's a story of innocence, buried young love, a mutually longed for, never to be shared kiss, and the haunting, lasting effect of these simple memories.


It's the story of young, innocent, buried love and the longed for kiss that was never to be shared.

“It’s very unusual and refreshing, I think, in our sexually obsessed time, to write so well about the lingering emotions from an affair which never even progressed so far as a kiss. Beautifully written, elegant and evocative poems.”
–Tim Vicary,  educator and novelist.

“These poems explore the luscious geography of innocence and memory, of longing and loss—of what might have been, if only.  We travel these rich landscapes–our own younger hearts reawakened, breathless again.”

–Carol Henderson, author, editor and teacher.


"With grace and simplicity and unexpected yet apt biblical allusions (Eden before the Fall, the walls of Jericho, stones like loaves), Phoebe Nilsen tells the story of passionate but unconsummated young love that would haunt the speaker all her life. It's erotic nostalgia and melancholy meditation on what never happened--except in that other memory inside us."

Oriana Ivy, author of two prize-winning chapbooks: April Snow (Finishing Line Press) and From the New World (Nautilus Press)