Passion & Betrayal

ABOUT Lissette Ortiz

Lissette Ortiz
Lissette Ortiz is a Puerto Rican writer, born and raised in the neighborhood of Spanish Harlem in New York City.  Lissette started writing romance novels at the age of thirteen.  She is the author of Through the Eyes of Maria Choices, Through the Eyes of Maria Consequences, and Passion & More...



(Book 1)
Betrayed by the woman he loved and on the verge of destitution, artist Jonathan Martinez channels his anguish and rage into what will become his greatest masterpiece—Passion and Betrayal. The painting, critically acclaimed, ushers him into the world of fine art and allows him to realize his dreams. Stepping out of the shadows, he transforms into Phillipe, a wealthy artist and sought-after bachelor who enjoys an extravagant lifestyle—including his pick of any woman he desires.

But when Phillipe least expects, the woman who almost destroyed him returns on the arm of his agent. Despite his anger, she awakens the part of his soul he entombed long ago. The part of him that can never forget her, no matter how deeply he buries himself in his art.

With everything he's accomplished at stake, can Phillipe overpower the demons that haunt him and learn to love again? Or will his heart remain a shattered work of art that can never be restored?