A War of Silver and Gold: Book One

A War of Silver and Gold: Book One

ABOUT Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson



Born from Darkness. Crowned with Light.

Cassia is an elf and the sovereign Lady of the city of Navacore, the last territory of the Dark Elves to the borders with their mortal enemies, the Elves of Light. When one terrifying and cold day a messenger comes and announces that the King requires her services; she is thrown into an unexpected skein of betrayal, passion and hate that will force her to alter the fate of her world.

Forever Cursed.

Ael is a lycan for as long as he can remember, thrown out of his home and banished from his land he sought refuge in the woods surrounding Navacore. Little did he know that one day a fierce she-elf would bring his world upside down, forcing him to participate in her web of politics and passion.


They begin a quest to find the Swords of the Gods before the King does and liberate their world from the King's iron fist. But betrayal separates them and breaks their bonds as a secret, well kept for centuries, comes to the light.