The Hermaphroditic Contortionist (Volume 1)

The Hermaphroditic Contortionist (Volume 1)

ABOUT David Mangles

David Mangles



The genre of this literary work may be too easily described as an adventure novel, but it would be more accurate to categorize it as a philosophical adventure. The main character is seeking redemption for a past mistake and also trying to find a lost premise that was omitted from our Constitution. Not only do I challenge the prevailing jurisprudence of victimless crimes, but I also redefine the role of our government, as I believe our founding fathers thought it should be. For those who wish an end to our Leviathan bureaucracy, an end to political action groups or lobbyists, and an end to the search for a ‘just tax’, this is the book for you to read. The main character has been called upon to repay an old debt of honor. While he readily acquiesces, repaying this marker plunges him into his friend’s world of smuggling marijuana. The underlying themes are presented to the reader through various modes of perception and self-analysis by the main character One example is when the main character sees the polarizing differences he perceives between the same, identical landscape as he drives westward through New Mexico contrasted to the scenery as he is returning home, due to the cauterizing fear he is experiencing which causes him to discern something entirely different. These images are employed to show the reader how this one human emotion (and indeed, all human emotions) can play upon our perception of reality and upon our lives. In relation to this theme, I have included in my work a brief summation of a part of the psychohistory of mankind. Mostly, this part edifies the reasons for why fear is deeply infused within our psyches, but I also write about how fear controls our everyday lives and the decisions we make or, as is more common, why we allow others to think for us. While my work is more for the serious reader who wishes to gain a certain type of enlightenment or a different perspective about the role of government, there is also humor included within these pages, especially, when the main character finds himself in a Mexican hotel room with his femme fatale trying to consummate their relationship. I must tell you that in the entire novel there is no vulgarity, but rather an unique and amusing conception to describe the passions and the actions involved in a heated sexual act. When my work has been read in its entirety, the reader hopefully will understand my objection to the current jurisprudence of our country because I believe I have presented it in a logical format and in a very readable manner. I am not a left or right- wing adherent or some radical who reads articles about a ‘new world order’ and experiences paranoid delusions. I simply believe that I have discovered a philosophical flaw in our political structure, and that correcting this mistake will improve our lives as citizens of a democracy. If Erasmus wrote the first chapter to guide mankind on building a ‘heaven on earth’, it is my sincere hope that this novel will be one of the last, if not the final chapter written to consummate our mandate as a thinking species.