Valkyrie's Spear (Wyrd Love Book 2)

Valkyrie's Spear (Wyrd Love Book 2)

ABOUT Cynthia Diamond

Cynthia Diamond
Since she was a child, Cynthia craved anything that featured heroines with strong personalities. Now she writes books for sassy nerds with a sharp sense of humor. Starting her adult life in theater, she earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Design, but her first love was telling stories More...



Valerie Constance will stop at nothing to protect the Spear of Destiny from Dark Mages. Yet the gorgeous and stoic priest who guards it doesn’t want to team up with the Valkyrie. Matthew DeAngelis’ smoldering blue eyes and warm touch entices her like no other man and she is determined to not only save the spear but to keep him as well.

Matthew is a fallen angel who longs to return home. But after centuries of duty to his Maker, a raven haired Valkyrie with a bewitching laugh proves to be the chink in his armor. If the infuriating beauty distracts him further he may forget his end game and pursue her instead. With so much at stake, Matthew isn’t willing to fall again.