Siren's Song (Wyrd Love Book 1)

ABOUT Cynthia Diamond

Cynthia Diamond
Since she was a child, Cynthia craved anything that featured heroines with strong personalities. Now she writes books for sassy nerds with a sharp sense of humor. Starting her adult life in theater, she earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Design, but her first love was telling stories More...



Between being hunted by vampires and her inability to control her siren’s powers, all Adelle Constance wants is to be left alone. She runs from her home, hoping to lay low in the small Washington town of Whitmore. She didn’t count on meeting Jack, a cranky nine-hundred year old dragon who, despite her protests, vows to protect her. She also didn’t count on him being so deliciously attractive in that grumbling way.

Jack has no desire for a mate, especially after being dumped by the love of his life. Yet somehow he's suckered into protecting a beautiful siren who can make things explode just by raising her voice. Reluctantly he takes the alluring Adelle under his wing, finding her quirky charms irresistible. And when angry vampires come to take her back, the dragon finds he’s not giving her up without a fight.

One way or another, things will be ending with a boom.

Book 1 in the Wyrd Love Series.

Cynthia Diamond’s Wyrd Love series delves into the unseen fantasy world that lurks just along the edge of our own. Dragons, mages, Valkyries, and many others collide, sometimes violently and sometimes with steamy results. Inspired by writers like Kresley Cole and Jim Butcher, Cynthia wanted to create a series full of humor, passion, and adventure set in today’s world. Taking a twist on most paranormal romance tropes, Wyrd Love offers women with strong personalities, men with tender hearts, and a world where consent is always sexy. Welcome to the Wyrd World.

“…This is a great story about finding true love when you're literally least expecting it, and going on to not merely survive, but THRIVE. It's funny, touching, and just a smidge bawdy-- y'know, like ALL good books should be!” – Stacy P.

“…This one knocked it out of the park! I found myself laughing out loud as well as wiping away tears. There is a genuineness to the characters that draw you in and more than enough saucyness to keep any romance reader entertained…” – Pam W.

“Author Cynthia Diamond takes us into a fantasy world of romance and never lets up until the last page.” – S. Dennis