The Chronicles of a Mermaid: Magnolia Rose (Volume 1)

The Chronicles of a Mermaid: Magnolia Rose (Volume 1)

ABOUT Luis Guardiola

Luis Guardiola



Penelope and Mark Holloway are young people very focused on their studies, social life and their mother, who has taught them to take care of a very peculiar Magnolia Rose in their garden, that nothing bad happened to it and that never, but never, had contact with seawater. By a small accident, the Rose activates a problem that has been in silence for more than 20 years, endangering the Holloway family once more. But graciously, they get help from old friends of their mother, who call themselves the Guardians of the Magnolia Rose. They begin a race and adventure in being able to silence everything related to the Rose and finish it once and for all. And do it first then the Yhpar's, rebellious creatures of the ocean who desire the Roses for an unknown use. Part of Rose's problems is her secrets and abilities. That attracts species of the ocean that have been searching the world for years, the rose, or a simple petal. Between the Holloway, the Guardians of the Magnolia Rose and external help, they will begin with this crossing that day by day becomes darker and dangerous. Can Penelope leave her life behind to protect the Rose? Will they be able to find the four remaining Roses first then the Yhpar's?