Levels To My Insanity: UnMastered

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Adrianne Mouton

Publisher : Hoboden Publishing

Levels To My Insanity: UnMastered

ABOUT Adrianne Mouton

Adrianne Mouton
I love to write. It is my release. It is my definition and interpretation of life, my dreams, my sorrow, my pain, my love, etc. It keeps me sane. It keeps me where I need to be.



Sometimes pain is inherited from generation to generation. Secrets locked away where the eyes can't see and the ears won't hear. Pain trapped where no one can feel it. The mind has its own means of survival. The heart has its own means of escape. When the lines blur so does reality. When you lose your grasp on reality it can leave you looking down on the edge of sanity.

The Unmastered edition of LEVƎLS To My Insanity is a limited, short-run edition no further release will be made once publication ends. This book is the raw, unfiltered look into the darkness of a traumatized heart.