ABOUT Diana M.

Diana M.
Hello! My name is Diana and I've been writing stories since I was about 10. My passion for books started at a very young age when my uncle offered me a copy of 'The Little Prince' for my birthday. Ever since then, all I asked for were books. Money didn't come by easy though, so instead of  More...



Kathy Monroe was a simple girl. She really was. She liked her routine and she had gotten used to wearing eye glasses every day even though she loved her green eyes more than any other feature of herself. Even her red hair was a nuisance to take care of.

Her parents always made sure she had her eye glasses on, no matter what. If she wasn't sleeping, she had to be wearing them. She had always thought it to be a little weird, but she never questioned her parents, the most honest people she knew.

One day, however, her world is shaken up. Her life would never be the same from that day forward; the day her eye glasses break and she finds out she can see something no one else can. 

What will be of Kathy when she finds herself thrown into a new world she never dreamed of belonging to? What will be of her when she finds out her parents had lied all along and even her friends were not what they seemed to be?

Kathy Monroe will never be the same when she finds out her eyes had been deceiving her all along.