Ancients of Greater Bharat

Ancients of Greater Bharat

ABOUT Mohan Vizhakat

Mohan Vizhakat
Mohan Vizhakat puts forth a perspective that is unlike any other - attempting to establish the connection between science, spirituality, philosophy and action, he presents the ancient Indian legends in a thrilling format of fantasy cum SF, thereby truly transforming them into vivid, grippi More...



Profound wisdom regarding the origin of mankind lay hidden within ancient scriptures called Vedas, even while planet Prithvi is edging towards Pralay…

Long after Ramāyan and Mahābharat, but well before sages like Valmiki and Vyasa actually scripted them into epics, an ancient, dark and sinister entity threatens to subjugate the world, using mind as an effective weapon of war…

Who is this immortal nemesis from prehistoric times? Will spiritual warrior Haŕa be able to overcome his personal crisis and stand up against this grave threat to humanity? Will Hanumān help him wield Rama’s legendary kundalini weapon called Shārang? Will Uma be able to free herself from Mahisha’s clutches?

This fast-paced, action-packed mythological science fiction takes you through many exotic ancient civilisations, including a distant planet with milky-white oceans known as Vaikunth…

Background Theme of the Story:-

Ancient scriptures of almost all cultures across the world describe of an extinction level event of great floods (known as Pralay within Indian mythology), in the distant past (possibly due to heavy tectonic/volcanic activity followed up with extensive ice-melt across the globe towards the end of last ice-age), with very few survivors. The subject story is from a period of time around one millennium before Pralay.

Maybe this was the same floods that initially inundated mythical cities like Dwaraka, Atlantis etc and later over next few millennia, obliterated all traces of earlier civilisation? According to Indian scriptures Matsya Purana in Sanskrit and Sangham Literature in Tamil, our ancestors used to live towards far South and escaped from great floods or Pralay in boats/arks, and settled later in the northwest parts...Could it be possible that the survivors of this event migrated to settlements like Indus valley, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Europe, introducing Sanskrit and other languages in the process? The largest migration could’ve been to Indus area, ensuring that Sanskrit and Vedic culture took deeper roots and prospered around Saraswati river.

Perhaps Vedas and epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat are actually the legacy of a highly advanced civilisation before Pralay? Maybe most of the original pre-historic records and scriptures were lost during Pralay and any references to the agrarian way of life or locations, are part of what got introduced, while sages like Valmiki and Vyasa reconstructed them, many generations later.