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Robert McCreadie



Fireman Scott Cardin and his family move into their new home in West Phoenix, excited to settle in and begin their lives there. At first all goes smoothly, but before long, strange things start happening. This house is more than it seems—and its dark secrets soon come forward.

Voices call out across rooms, and thumps echo down empty hallways. Blood seeps thickly from the walls and then suddenly disappears. When young Jonathon, Scott’s son, is visited by a terrifying ethereal figure, they decide it’s time to get out. But it may be too late—they are already being watched.

The last family to live in this house was brutally murdered, and their spirits are haunting the newcomers. Discovering this, Scott teams up with the case’s lead homicide detective to review the investigation. It seems the true culprit was never identified, his terrible crimes never punished. Now, after so many years, he is ready to kill again—and the Cardins are squarely in his sights.

With the past about to repeat itself, this young family is set against a monster. The restless ghosts offer a haunting welcome to their home sweet home—and the blood continues to slowly drip.