How Football Saved Humans

How Football Saved Humans


Asad M


Stone had for a very long time, dreamed of becoming a footballer. Sadly, he couldn’t pursue it, and began to take care of his parents, wife and three children. Everything goes on just fine, until a huge water crisis has grips the world.

No rain for over three years worsens the situation. There is total chaos. Humans, animals and other living things find it difficult to survive on Earth. NASA then announced that they had found a new planet, and send four astronauts to see if it was habitable.

The astronauts found water on the planet, and it turns out that the planet doesn’t need water: which means, they can take it to Earth! But then, Earthope, the new planet, imposes a condition: that a football match must be played to win water.

What happens next? Read this gripping novel to find out!