Big Red: How I Learned Simplicity from a Suitcase

ABOUT Ellie Dias

Ellie Dias
Ellie Dias is a devotee of Buddhist philosophy, meditation and yoga. Her debut book, Big Red, is a tale of perseverance and humor as she struggles to jettison her Western ways while lugging a 95-pound suitcase jam-packed with her bare necessities.A watercolor and pastel artist, she lives i More...



Letting go of your must-haves can be harder than you think… even when you’re lugging them around in a 95-pound suitcase the size and color of a fire engine.

Hoping to experience simplicity and contentment in the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Dias carefully planned her trip of a lifetime. Little did she know that almost every step would be fraught with challenges, mishaps, and detours. Everything that could go wrong on her journey, did. It was a fiasco that left her wondering whether the Universe—via her big red suitcase—was trying to teach her something.