Hack Your Life: Reset Your Mindset For Happiness

Create a new reality for yourself with HACK YOUR LIFE: RESET YOUR MINDSET FOR HAPPINESS.


  • Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and saying, "Really? Is this it?"
  • Are you looking at your life thus far and wondering, "How did I get here? This isn't where I intended to be."
  • Do you find yourself replaying old mental recordings of the past and feeling the pain, regret, anger or hurt of things you can't change or take back?
  • Is this the umpteenth book you have read on making a life revision and yet feel frustrated with no success?

Are you looking for a re-do at life? Are your tired of being a victim? Are you ready to hit the RESET button and have another chance at an incredible life?  Then HACK YOUR LIFE: RESET YOUR MINDSET was written for you.  

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Carol Conway