Little Gray Dress

Romance, General Fiction

By Aimee Brown

Publisher : Crooked Cat Books

ABOUT Aimee Brown

Aimee Brown
Aimee Brown is a writer and avid reader, often blogging her thoughts on chick lit books. Little Gray Dress is her first novel published. She’s currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree in English Writing. She spends much of her time writing her next book, doing homework, raising thr More...



Emi Harrison has avoided her ex-fiance, Jack Cabot, for nearly two years. Her twin brother Evan’s wedding is about to end that streak.

From bad bridesmaid’s dresses, a hyperactive sister-in-law, a mean girl with even meaner secrets, and too much to drink, nothing seems to go right for Emi, except when she’s wearing her little gray dress.

When she speed-walks into Liam Jaxon’s bar, things get more complicated. He’s gorgeous, southern, and has no past with Emi. He may be exactly what she needs to prove for the last time that she doesn’t need or want Jack!

Her favorite little gray dress has made an appearance at nearly every major event in Emi’s adult life. Will it make another grand appearance when she least expects it?

“A sparkling debut from an author to be watched.”
-- USA Today Bestselling author S.E. Babin


"Delightful debut novel! This book has all the earmarks of a fabulous rom-com; a misunderstanding of epic proportions, an accidental makeover, a love triangle, and a truly delicious ending! I'm looking forward to much more from this author--don't miss this one!"

-- Whitney Dineen, Bestselling Author of The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan

“Wow! What a ride - heartbreak, revenge, high-octane cattiness. It's Dynasty for the Chick Lit set. It's Mean Girls in a little gray dress. It's just so fun!”

--Geralyn Corcillo, Bestselling chick lit author

Little Gray Dress by Aimee Brown is simply a fun read to escape with while spending a day at the beach or cozying up on the couch on a rainy afternoon. Filled with as much humor as heartache, Brown sends main character, Emi Harrison’s life in a tailspin through misunderstandings, miscommunications and evil manipulations.”

--Effie Kammenou, women’s fiction author & food blogger

            “Little Gray Dress is a must read for any lover of Chick Lit! Clear your schedule, feed your pets, put the kids to bed, make yourself some tea or pour yourself a nice glass of wine and be prepared to spend hours sighing and laughing out loud as you divulge into Emi’s world!”

--Nikki LeClair, author of The Haunting Me series


Witty and full of heart... a total gem!’

--Camilla Isley, chick lit author

Blogger turned author Aimee Brown debuts with a read that puts the romance into romantic comedy. Little Gray Dress covers familiar chick lit ground—overweight heroine getting over an unfaithful ex, rich prospective in-laws, and weddings, weddings, weddings. But a cleverly told tale with a few surprising twists make Little Gray Dress a standout winner. Brown's narrative went exactly where I hoped it would, and finishes with a swoony, romantic ending that had me misty-eyed.”
--Karen Tomsovic, author of
 Spare Me the Drama


“Funny and heartwarming with relatable characters and an ending that's sure to make you smile. Little Gray Dress is everything you'd expect from a well-written chick lit novel.”
--KJ Farnham, author of the Click Date Repeat series


“Little Gray Dress is a fabulous romantic comedy debut by Aimee Brown. She’s built well-rounded characters you can’t help but root for. She’ll have you laughing and enjoying every moment of this book.”
--Tracy Krimmer, author of Dating For Decades and Lipstick & Lattes


We've all been there: bridesmaid hell. Aimee Brown perfectly captures the ups, downs, and drama of weddings, exes, rivalries and dating in her witty debut novel. Little Gray Dress  is one of this summer's must-reads!”--Holly Tierney-Bedord, author of cozy mysteries, romantic comedies, thrillers and more.