Conquer Essay Phobia: The Perfect Formula for a Good Grade

ABOUT Natalie Andersen

Natalie Andersen
My name is Natalie Andersen, and I am the CEO of the tutoring company Get Good Grade. I am happy and proud to be the author of the book "Conquer Essay Phobia", which has the aim to help each beginner writer to cope with the difficulties of writing. 


Do you have “essay phobia?” You are not alone. Lots of people hate to write and, in fact, are just not good at it. Your solution may lie in a great little e-book published by Coincidentally, it is titled Conquer Essay Phobia, and it is pretty good read – simple and to the point.
In this little gem, you will find easy explanations of the types of essays, how to figure out what your instructor really wants, and all of the steps for crafting a solid essay that will get you a good grade. There are also some pretty cool bonus tips that you won’t find anywhere else.