Confrontation (Space Fleet Sagas Book 2)

ABOUT Don Foxe

Don Foxe
I live in the scenic southern town of Bluffton, SC. My wife, Sarah, and I own Beach City Health and Fitness on Hilton Head Island, SC. I have over thirty years in the fitness industry, opening BCH&F in 2005. On the health and fitness front, besides owning a fitness center, I also teac More...


Two mysteries must be solved if the galaxy and Earth will ever be safe. Who is behind the alien invasions? Who is determined to dissolve a United Earth? 

Earth's fledgling central government attempting to create unity is beset by conspiracies as old as humankind. 

Space Fleet responds to enemy aliens, while being attacked at its core by the people they protect.

Captain Daniel Cooper prepares for confrontations with aliens, both enemies and allies. The SFPT-109, John F. Kennedy starship and crew must learn to work and fight as a team, a blend of humans and aliens.

Intrigue is universal. Action is non-stop as the characters in the Space Fleet Sagas face personal, political, and extraterrestrial Confrontations.

If you enjoy thrills and adventure, with Orwellian undertones, you need to read CONFRONTATION today. Join the Space Fleet Sagas or continue in the wake of Book One, CONTACT AND CONFLICT.