The Moral Quandary of Heels

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Kathleen Helen Levey
Taught English in the United States and abroad, contributed to strategic planning for public and private schools, urban and suburban, non-profits, and business start-ups. Graduate of Smith College, Brown University, and Temple University School of Law. Favorite quote from the book, the pro More...



High heels and high drama mix morals with mystery in the "Garden State" as New Jersey is known for its bounty as much as its shopping. The billion dollar world of motivational coaching propels Coach, a forest ranger, onto the national stage. With humor, the novel looks at loyalty with a mysterious cyclist, a father-daughter, a fading love, and heroes en route to what it means to live a good life.

Constance, a librarian, joins life coaching in the hope of bringing change to the library system. A humorous bounce around the state, comically using calls and letters, becomes a quest for solutions to "The Moral Quandary of Heels," a fashion show at the American Dream Mall that asks serious life questions about loyalty and who and what we value.

Along with the humor, the story line conveys loss, but also celebrates the impact of New Jersey nationally and worldwide with inspiring examples of heroes and heroines who are current, some historic, from the impressive state pantheon: Clara Barton, Grace Kelly, Celia Cruz, Alice Paul, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Paul Robeson, Walt Whitman, Guglielmo Marconi, Duke Kahanamoku, Joyce Kilmer, John Basilone, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, the Marquis de Lafayette, Casimir Pulaski, Lt. James "Don't give up the ship" Lawrence, sports figures: Althea Gibson, Yogi Berra, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Vince Lombardi, and artists: Winslow Homer, Jacob Lawrence, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Louis Comfort Tiffany - it’s an impressively long list and those are just the names people know.

The novel begins at the scenic Jersey Shore and takes the reader in an adventure around the state with nods to New York City and Philadelphia neighbors. Photos of the many beautiful New Jersey venues are on social media: Instagram @kathleenhelen15, Twitter: @KathleenLevey, and Facebook: Kathleen Helen Levey.

(Cover design by Rita Toews and photo by author)