Some will be King Makers: A single mother's journey raising African American Males

This book captures the soul of a single African American mother while raising two successful sons. African American males are becoming an endangered species. They have different needs from other males in society. Why because they are not given the same regard in American society. It is a constant battle to be treated with the same respect and dignity as other males. They need stability, support, exposure, male role models, spirituality, mentoring and love. Not only do African American males need all of these elements, if you are a single mother, you have the same needs. This book reveals to single mothers the importance of building a life for themselves in order to build a life for their sons. Raising sons is not an easy task. However if done right it can be so rewarding. This is a call to action to single moms. The charge is what do you want to release unto society? “Killers or Kings” If you are vigilant, you too will become a King Maker


Deborah Watkins
Deborah Watkins is the Author of From Medicore to Marvelous. Living a Fulfilled Life. She is an Author, Speaker & Life Motivator. She retired from New York State Department of  More...
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