Do You Know How To Fly? (Predator: The Man Who DIdn't Exist) (Volume 1)

A man who had nieces that looked to him for guidance and safety. A man who washed his fiancé's hair at night and made her mother cups of tea. A man who appeared as a child once to his fiancé while fishing. Yet, this very same man came home one night from murdering a woman whose wrist watch he had taken from her arm as she lie dying before him and he took that home and slipped it on his girl friend's arm telling her he had gotten it while bartering. A man who could hang a naked woman out off her balcony 12 stories up and ask the woman if she knew how to fly. So, we have to ask just who is this man and the answer is simply that he is a man who didn't exist for most of those who knew him.


Gordon Kuhn
I'm a bit of an enigma, I suppose. I am a U.S. Marine (no longer in uniform).  I am a disabled Vietnam Vet.  I have worked as a janitor a hospital orderly, pulled chain on a surv More...
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