13 Chaos: when you stop you lose

ABOUT Cathy Belyea

cathy belyea
i guess you start with woman, daughter, mother and grandmother. life is all about living in the moment and today i share with you my favorite thing, writing. i hope you enjoy my books and your epic feedback would be appreciated



Through Life, Love, People, Opinions, Ambitions, Transitions of Desperation and daily challenges of personal growth, Epic Reality inspires others. She has shared her honesty for a decade and continues to find answers to self devotion and unconditional love.

Unconditional Love, it was in the dust and i revised it to make it public. This book is a creation of posts I spent much time on and expressing my thoughts and feelings on. I was very hurt and in pain over a love relationship but have grown through this struggle. I always felt victimized by defeat, lies, and negative thoughts and shared all this on my site.