Swim Season

Young Adult, General Fiction

By Marianne Sciucco

Publisher : Bunky Press

ABOUT Marianne Sciucco

Marianne Sciucco


Sometimes winning is everything.

Champion swimmer Aerin Keane is ready to give up her dreams of college swimming and a shot at the Olympics. As she starts senior year in her third high school, Aerin's determined to leave her family troubles behind and be like all the other girls at Two Rivers. She's got a new image and a new attitude. She doesn’t want to win anymore. She's swimming for fun, no longer the freak who wins every race, every title, only to find herself alone.

But when her desire to be just one of the girls collides with her desire to be the best Two Rivers has ever seen, will Aerin sacrifice her new friendships to break a longstanding school record that comes with a $50,000 scholarship?

Like so many writers, I wear many hats, one of which is called “Swim Mom.” I’ve shuttled my daughter to swim meets and swim practice for years, and now follow her across state lines during her college swimming career. All those hours sitting on cold, metal bleachers waiting to watch her swim for a minute or two gave me more than a sore you-know-what: It inspired me to write a novel about girls’ varsity swimming. My goal was to write a story about the whole high school swimming experience, to show others who may not be as familiar with the sport how much fun it is and how hard these kids work.

More than simply a story about competition on a swim team, this story is about growing up, learning about the complexities of life and how our decisions can impact our future, positively or negatively. - Vicki T. I can say I became swept away by the human drama portrayed through the tough decisions Aerin has to make. - Jean Lee I must say though I was engrossed in this book, I was almost happy that I caught a lousy cold so that I could continue reading. It became an obsession. I highly recommend all to read this book. It teaches us so much about self esteem and how to pursue our dreams no matter how challenging life can get. - Nancy F., Amazon reader Thanking Marianne for writing a novel that hits so close to home. Many people don't understand the rigors and commitments that swimmers go through on a daily basis, season after season. Many thanks to Marianne for being able to express everything these swimmers go through in her writings. - Debbie H., Amazon reader To all the competitive swimmers out there, you must read this book. Is is awesome. As a competitive swimmer, I totally relate to the problems that Aerin Keane faces while racing, training and balancing academics. For the non-competitive swimmers out there, here's your chance to see what competitive swimmers have to face and get into the everyday life and drama of your (maybe not so) average competitive swimmer. - Amazon customer This story is so powerful, so gripping, I couldn't put it down. And I was cheering for Aerin the whole time, wondering what had happened to her in the past, then cheering again when she makes a decision that changes everything. - Olivia C., Amazon reader I finished the book about 7am one morning. I had read until 2am and finally had to sleep. Couldn't wait to get up to finish it! - Connie Wehmeyer it is engaging and great for teenagers, not just teenage swimmers. It's a clean book and hits on really important points: small town politics in school and business settings; parents who demand too much from their kids; addressing judgmental positions about family situations; navigating personal relationships; and bullying. Every kid should read this. - Anne, Amazon reader