Heart of Asia: Memoirs from the Himalayas
Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Roerich recounts his journeys to more than fifty monasteries and his meetings with lamas eager to share their spiritual insights and heritage with the Western world. Included are dramatic episodes of snow blindness, mountain floods, and mysterious electrical phenomena, as well as intimate depictions of daily life in the rigorous yet beautiful Himalayan environment.

Praise and Reviews
"Worthwhile reading for any student of philosophy and mysticism, as well as being a fantastic example of the philosophical language."

Robert James Buratti, New Dawn, July-August 2002

"Here we enlist a special guide who can help us see beyond our western conditioning and literal thinking."
Robert Buratti, New Dawn, May-June 2003

"For all these reasons, beauty, culture, prophecy, and history in retrospect, after 80 years, it is still compelling reading."
Rev. Dr. S. D'Monford, New Dawn, Jan-Feb 2006

Nicholas Roerich
Nicholas Roerich is a prolific artist and writer, renowned philosopher, educator, and explorer.
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