Stolen Prophet (The Prophet's Mother Book 1)


By Julian M. Coleman

Publisher : Self

ABOUT Julian M. Coleman

Julian M. Coleman


They aren’t quite human.

Evie appears to be a single mother and small businesswoman. But she is much more than she appears. As a young girl, Evie fled a punitive cult when she was expected to take her mother’s life during an elaborate ritual. Without her leadership the cult disbanded.

Eventually, she fell in love and gave birth to Victor. He grows up to become a gifted young boy. His classmates nickname him, Prophet. One afternoon while at school, young Victor is kidnapped.

Evie slips into an unendurable agony. She surrenders to her dark power and unleashes the fury of a wounded demigoddess. She traps the southern city in an icy hell as she creeps into the minds of the inhabitants. Madness and death ensues as she searches for him. She will find Victor. There's no one to stop her...or is there?

The story behind this idea is the sad real event of a missing child. She was a beautiful little girl who went missing and was discovered shortly thereafter raped and murdered. I saw her face on a billboard and my heart went out to her and her parents. The idea is that what if a child was taken, but that a parent had supernatural ability to "take the law into her own hands" and in the process inadvertently took down a city to find her child. How on earth could I make that work? The story evolved from that idea and turned into something else.

I'm a 2016 IAN Paranormal/Supernatural Award Winning author. The Amazon Reviews state: 

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The award winning author, Julian M Coleman, has done it again! Book one of her newest Trilogy is a nail biting twist and turn tale that will leave any paranormal reader begging for more. Mystical and magical, with profound undertone. Must Read!