The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I - Angola

The story starts with The Mexican signing up with that now notorious mercenary company, Executive Outcomes. Here his drinking progresses at a alarming   rate once again. Only this time he decides to do something about it. It took about a year of trying and failing before he got on track. Then after seven years of sobriety, one... not so fine day, he picked up a drink again. If you thought that been a mercenary was an adventure the story that follows is a record of even stranger adventures and travels, interesting people, some good, some bad and some downright evil. The Mexican picks up a new nickname, Gypsy, as he never stays too long in one place, roaming the Southern tip of Africa as the cards are dealt.

So, saddle up and take a ride, with The Mexican Horse Thief, if you dare.


Wayne Bisset
"If you cannot see my worth, you then, in turn are worthless to me." The Mexican. Writer, herpatologist, photographer, sometimes artist and a Gypsy.