So called exotics: Stories of man's new best friends narrated by the one who takes care of them
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

In collective imaginary man’s best friend is still the dog. The domestic wolf, in fact, has been shaped on mankind since the dawn of time and has spread around the whole world with a myriad of breeds and varieties. The dog and the cat are considered by anyone pets at full title and it is no longer surprising to find them at ease inside our homes. A little less obvious is to consider as a pet a chameleon or a python, a hawk or a buzzard, a parrot or a pigeon, a turtle or a rat.

Praise and Reviews

Special and Amazing Book: It was a really amazing book for me, in particular because It was an unknown world for me, so this book allows you to get a feeling for animals that initially do not like but then they start to like more and more and you go immediately to buy them. Congratulations to the special writer and I am waiting for the second book asap, please !!!


Diego Cattarossi
Exotic animal veterinarian (DVM, PhD)