In The Mind Of A Nomad: Discovering Mauritania's Golden Dunes Culture

In the Mind Of A Nomad:

The e-book you are about to read seeks to make the unfamiliar familiar and to make the foreign seem like home.
At the same time, it seeks to make your world a little less comfortable by showing you a cultural way of life based not on objects, but on human respect for a harsh and even otherworldly environment.
In a world dominated by skyscrapers and planned communities, where travel is measured by speed and efficiency, this book introduces a land seemingly plucked from a time long ago.
This book is a humble attempt to give voice to the nation of Mauritania culture, its harsh beauties, its complex personalities, its long legendary history and its short political reality.
Most of all, though, it is my hope that, after witnessing its fervent past, my readers will come to appreciate the deep respect for the stranger and the sincere welcome for the wanderer that this nation of nomads extends to all and especially to the nomad in spirit who opens this book to see the strange golden dunes of Mauritania.

The author is Seyid O. Seyid , a Mauritanian journalist, English instructor and conference interpreter. He was born probably 1971 in a desert tent on a summer night during one of the hardest droughts of his country. After two decades of general education in Arabic, he decided to embark on a new academic adventure where he chose English to be the language of higher education. That challenging decision opened doors of opportunities, ending up with a Master’s degree in American Studies. As international freelance reporter, he worked for Voice of America & United Nations Humanitarian News Agency IRINNEWS. He said that he must be engaged in a dream-writing project that is bigger than he is to be able to finance his PhD research. With professional experience extending over 16 years, he has insisted that “we should learn from birth to death.”


seyid ould seyid
As an international freelance reporter, the author SEYID.O.SEYID worked for Voice of America & United Nations Humanitarian News Agency IRIN NEWS. He is a Mauritanian certified More...
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