Dishonor Thy Wife, sexy romantic Suspense

A Sexless Marriage! A Dangerous Game! A Suspenseful Thriller! A Hot Romance!

After six years of a sexless forced marriage, Ronni finds she enjoys her husband spying through the keyhole of her bedroom door. She begins to perform for him, even remembering his past violent outbursts, because Brad returned home to Austin from a Philadelphia business trip a changed man, or so she thinks.

Once Ronni has a taste of forbidden passion, she is addicted until Brad begins acting like a Jekyll-Hyde. She believes Brad may be bipolar, never realizing that something far more sinister is going on.

What happened at a Philly medical convention sets off a chain of events that begs the question, does a woman really know the cracks beneath her husband's skin?

The Story Behind This Book
I was living in Austin when I had the idea for this book so I placed the book in Austin. My mother's maiden name is Austin so I decided to use the pen name Belinda Austin for the Suspense Genre.


Belinda Austin
Belinda is a former Software Engineer and Web Developer. She is a Zumbaholic. Belinda loves to create novels with twists and turns, and love stories that will squeeze your heart. H More...