The Exchange: Beauty for Ashes
Publisher : Shemika Washington

In The Exchange: Beauty for Ashes, Shemika shares her journey of celibacy for the past 10 years. She gives a transparent account of her past life, including emotional issues, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, depression, and abuse. Shemika shares her journey from brokenness to wholeness, pain to purpose, and misery to ministry.

The Story Behind This Book
10 years ago, I was living my life for the moment, desperately seeking love in relationships, and made some terrible decisions. I failed out of college, lived in low-income housing, and worked at Sonic Drive-In. I submitted my life to Christ and began a journey with him and he gave me beauty for my ashes! Today, I am a registered nurse, nursing instructor, motivational speaker, home/business owner, and author. I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and visited other countries as well.