The Silent Suicide: The Hurting's Siren Song
Publisher : Shining Starr Writing

This book is a true story about my battle with suicide. It is a glimpse of the struggles, heartache, and pain I suffered with PTSD, disassociate disorder, and depression. It is a written roadmap to learn how to live again. It offers hope, insight, and a way out for those suffering now in life. Also I offer a look into the why of it from a different point of view. Come with me on a journey you will never forget...

The Story Behind This Book
This is a true life story of my life. It is about my struggle with mental illness and wanting to commit suicide. I struggled for many years with not having the will to live. I decided to write about my experiences to help other people.


Melody S Green
I write about  personal experiences. I write about the struggles, heartbreak, and the hope it takes to get through them. Suicide, Shame, Insecurities, Abuse, Abandonment, Loneline More...