The Essential Mind: Guide to Consciously Accessing the Other 90% of Your Mind

In your hands you hold the solution. Life changing tools and techniques made simple and easy to apply. You will not find fanciful concepts meant to inspire fleeting hope, what you will find is game-changing, step-by-step instructions guiding you to success. What you do with it is up to you. If you work it, it WILL work, guaranteed!

"Jeannine has made her life's work to motivate and encourage health, wellness, healing and empowerment through not only her wellness and leadership seminars but through her daily life." – Stacey Hadley, BPA CMNS

"I personally feel that every student in school should be required to take her Essential Mind Theory class or seminar. The knowledge should be an essential part of their learning." – Nancy A. Kirgan

"Finally someone has written an easy to understand user's manual for the mind! As a speaker I am always excited to learn new techniques that will inspire, motivate and challenge my audience to step into their greatness. Jeannine has been a teacher among teachers." – Kirk Nugent