Schemin' On The Low
Publisher : Racquel Williams Presents

Stephanie, Shay, Cherry and Mali are the main characters in this novel. Stephanie is Mali's fiance, they are in an open relationship with one another. Stephanie is unaware of Mali's schemin' and conniving ways.
Mali on the other hand is the king of the scheme team fraud ring in Oakland, California Unbeknownst to his fiance Stephanie he is also the leader of the slider crew, Stephanie is blind to Mali when it comes to his schemin' and scammin'.
Stephanie's is the CFO of Hair Magic Studio's, and she met Shay, when she recently hired her as her personal assistant. Shay on the other hand was from the hood, and she was also Cherry's best friend.
With Shay becoming familiar with Mali's fiance, and being best friends with one of his side bitches, there could be a lot of missed communication and conception in the end.

The Story Behind This Book
The Story behind my book, is of the many different things that I imagine and come up with threw out life. It's as if I have the ability to create and envision a whole movie being made inside of my head.


Black Barbie
Author Black Barbie's, legal name is Ebony S. Edgerson. She currently writes with Racquel Williams Presents, her first book was "Schemin' On The Low,"
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