Out For Blood: The Chosen One Has Come (Chosen Ones Series Book 1)
Nef is plagued by nightmares from her past. With her family murdered and her daughter stolen from her crib in the middle of the night, she seeks revenge on the monster responsible. After more than a century, her world revolves around finding the individual that caused her so much pain. With new information leading her closer to the answers she seeks and new revelations coming to light about her past and her rightful place in a dark society, she begins a journey where there's no looking back. An evil vampire has a plan for the one he left and is dead set on keeping her from taking her place as the Chosen One. She doesn't know what powers she has and he'll do anything to get her right where he wants her. With him. Driven by vengeance and fighting until the end, she's out for blood and taking no prisoners.


T.P. Miller
I'm T.P. Miller, author of Out for Blood and a paranormal writer/reader.
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