Saints & Strangers (A Sam Warren Mystery)

ABOUT Richelle Elberg

Richelle Elberg
When I was eight, I told my parents I was going to live in a log cabin in Maine and be an author when I grew up. (I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, but by the ocean.) Somewhere along the way I decided a business degree might pay better, and, having obtained said degree, I spent twenty years wr More...



When a young woman is hanged at Plimoth Plantation just weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, budding private investigator Sam Warren is determined to prove herself by solving the mystery. But as the bodies pile up and Sam and her hunky friend Milo look for answers, they're drawn into a puzzle with pieces that date back nearly 400 years - and down a path which may lead straight back to Sam. With an irresistibly attractive man, a Bombay kitty, a nosy neighbor and a cranky cop on her team, Sam sets out to stop the killings before the turkey is done.

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