Courage of a Vampire
Publisher : createspace

Maggie moves to Richmond, VA, as a pre-med student and meets a strange group of kids at her college. They refer to themselves as “Vampire Groupies”; they file their canine teeth and drink fake blood. Maggie uses them to hide in plain sight (since she suspects herself to be a real vampire), and falls in love with the self-nicknamed Vlad, formerly known in the Richmond suburbs where he grew up as Larry Marker. However, Maggie becomes a victim herself when she falls into a sealed train tunnel on Church Hill; she hides her bodies in there and falls in with her latest victim. Unfortunately, she stabs herself with her own veterinary gun needle, bleeds out and wakes ten years later. To her horror, despite being in partial denial about her true nature for years, she awakens, has not physically aged, and most definitely a real vampire.

The Story Behind This Book
I grew up in Bamberg County, SC where the book is set in the beginning. I also live in Charleston, SC now, but lived in Richmond, VA for 5 years in the late 1990s. There really were young people who filed their teeth to look like vampire fangs and avoided all sunlight!

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Format: Paperback
Maggie apparently only suspects she’s a vampire. She's afflicted with sudden red blood cell loss and becomes anemic overnight. After several years of hospital visits for refills on hemoglobin, she decides to try an animal source for blood. It works so well, she finds herself offing a bully during a school bus wreck while she’s in middle school, the accident conveniently camouflaging his gruesome murder. I won’t say any more, but you can only imagine what happens when she goes to college and starts hanging out with vampire posers!


Nancy Lucas
Nancy Lucas grew up in the wild of Bamberg County, South Carolina, near Denmark. Contrary to popular belief, she was not raised by wolves. She was raised by petulant Angus cows and More...
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