God Doesn't Condemn You, Neither Do I (The Mind Renewal Series Book 4)
By TK Ware

Life offers experiences, and in those experiences, comes wisdom. No one said that a life of faith would be easy; however, through the word of God, we can adapt to the difficulties of this journey. If you were to take a moment and reflect on your life, I’m sure you would discover moments when you acted out of character. Many times we beat ourselves up over mistakes simply because of guilt. So in retrospect, we condemn ourselves and wallow in those moments as a pig in mud. Why wallow in the mud of mistakes when you can become washed by the Word of God? There are many challenges in life that can easily shift you away from sound doctrine. Oftentimes we fall into self-defeat when trials and tribulation beat upon on. During these moments we enter a state of remorse as our emotions pour downward. It’s not about trying to be a perfect citizen, but rather being a mature individual who understands their purpose in God.


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