You Can Change: Hope for Those Who Struggle


Is there something in your life you wish you could change? You have read your Bible over and over again and even memorized some great verses about change, but nothing is different. You have heard stories about someone overcoming an alcohol problem and you so desperately want the same change in your life. It could be a pornography addiction that never goes away or a desire for drugs. You want to experience freedom but for some reason the freedom never comes, and the only experience is enslavement and regret. This can lead to bitterness toward God and a downcast outlook on life. But this isn't the way Christians are to live. You know how you are to experience joy, and yet no one in their right mind is saying that about you. 





This book gives the Christian practical tools to see change happen. This work gives the believer practical steps to take to overcome any addiction and to truly experience the peace of Christ we all want to have as we live out our days. Isn’t it time to claim victory over some addiction? Are you tired of confessing the same sin over and over again? Don’t live in the circle of sin—confess. Through Christ, this sin and confess cycle can be broken and joy can be experienced. If you are looking to break bondage or you want others to break some addiction, then this book is for you.




Eric Swanson
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