It's time for the girls-only annual getaway, and the ladies are looking forward to a fun-filled, relaxing trip--with good food, drinks, shopping, and lots of late-night conversation. But DeMaris wants to shake things up a bit. She informs her friends that she would like them to assume new identities. For the entire time they're together, they can be anybody they like. What can possibly go wrong? DeMaris. Just having her along is a recipe for disaster, meaning it's another vacation that lands the girls exactly where they don't want to be . . . in trouble once again.

The Story Behind This Book
My daughter was always talking about her friend's African Gray bird. Then one summer I met up with seven of my sorority sisters in Idaho for vacation. And a story was born.


J.R. Armstrong
J. R. Armstrong has written 3 books: Owe It To The Wind which took First Place in ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, Fiction/Romance Category for 2009, Truly, Everything whi More...
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