ESL for Teachers and Students Beginner Edition
By Aus ESL
Publisher : Jon Bryan

ESL For Teachers and Students beginner edition is an academic program designed to help students learn English as fast as possible. Our lessons include listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary and more. This is the last book ESL learners and teachers need. Our program gives teachers the ability to teach with no planning at all. Just pick the book up and you're ready for class. We have also included a section for teachers to ensure everyone is able to get the most out of this system. This popular book series is sure to impress both students and teachers who are serious about getting the best results in the quickest time.

The Story Behind This Book
I am an English teacher in Melbourne, Australia. I developed this material over 3 years. The results were fantastic and now I would like to share my system with teachers and students.


About Aus ESL
Hello I am an ESL teacher in melbourne, Australia. I have just published my first of three ESL teaching books. We are industry leaders here in Melbourne in regards to the results More...
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